Vybit is a video social journal where you can create high-quality content, share beautiful video memories, connect with friends and family, and receive income from the value you generate.

Vybit rewards its users with Vibes, our in-app currency, every day, simply for being part of the platform. Members can then share their earned Vibes with their favorite creators as well as purchase more Vibes to share with their favorite creators.

Vybit is revolutionizing the union of social media and blockchain industries by allowing users to directly earn for the value they generate and by creating a new forum for people to create, share, and connect.

Download Vybit, create an account, start generating income. It’s that simple.

Vybit is a smartphone app and is supported on most smartphones and tablets, including Apple iOS (iOS 12 and higher, including iPads) and Android (SDK21 and higher).

Unlike other video applications, Vybit actually rewards users for the value they generate. Users earn Vibes by creating, sharing, and watching videos. Vibes can then be redeemed for VI, a digital cryptocurrency (much like Bitcoin) on the Solana Network, and local currencies.

Absolutely. In fact, because you earn Vibes while watching and posting videos, and VI’s market value will grow over time, it’s better than free.

Vybit earns VI tokens when advertisers run ads in the app. We keep 30% of that VI for operations and distribute 70% back to the users by sending it to the return address.

Absolutely! Please reach out to us.

Vibes can be compared to “likes” on any social media app – except Vibes are worth actual money. When you show your appreciation of someone’s video, you’re also transferring Vibes to them.

Vibes can be redeemed for the VI token, a Solana network cryptocurrency with market value, or for local currencies within your account at vybit.app. See below for more information about the VI token.

1. You receive a daily distribution of Vibes just by logging into the Vybit app every day.

2. You receive Vibes from people that like your videos. This action sends you Vibes. To like and send Vibes to creators, tap on the circle in the bottom right corner of their videos.

VI (short for Value Income) is the digital cryptocurrency backing the Vybit economy and will soon be relaunching on the Solana network. Video creators and viewers earn tokens called Vibes in the app from daily payouts, bonuses, and other users. Earned Vibes are yours to keep and can be redeemed 1000/1 for VI tokens. VI can also be acquired and traded on various Solana centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Nope. The Vybit app is tied to the VI token. The VID token is not related to the Vybit project.

You can earn more Vibes by engaging with the app, posting high-quality content, and increasing your Impact Bonus score.

You can see your VI token balance, as well as an in-depth transaction history, in the app or by logging into your account at vybit.app

Of course! They’re yours! Using the website wallet, you can send VI to any compatible ERC20 wallet for a small transaction fee and store or use them in a completely decentralized fashion. In your ERC20 wallet, only YOU control the access to your wallet. Remember to save your keys. You can withdraw your VI by following these steps.

1. Download an ERC20 compatible wallet. Some popular wallets include Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Coinbase.

2. Put your ERC20 wallet address into the Withdraw screen in the Vybit app.

3. Select how many VI you would like to withdraw.

4. Press Withdraw. That’s how easy it is!

Usually transactions appear immediately, or within a few minutes, although it can more time depending on network congestion..

Coming soon

A Vid is an original, creative, and short video uploaded to the Vybit app. The app is filled with them and we strongly recommend you watch some of the top videos by downloading the app and diving in!

You can record clips up to 10 seconds each. If you would like to create a longer video, you can stitch together multiple clips in the app to make a 30-second video. You can also record a longer video with your phone, up to 30 seconds, and upload it to the app.

Of course! Music, text, and icons are all available in the app.

Coming soon

You can publish a single video for each calendar day. However, you can post videos from the past – one for each date – using videos from your phone storage.

You can make two videos public for others to view every day. However, you can still only publish one video per calendar date, so at least one of those would have to be for a date in the past.

Be warned, however, if you upload a video then delete it and upload it again, it counts as two.

Explore eligibility is based on a video’s views, likes, the creator’s Impact Bonus score, as well as the time since the video was first published. More recent videos with many likes and views and a high creator Impact Bonus score make it more likely the video will appear on the Explore list. Users can also spend Vibes to promote their video to the Explore list.

Caveat: only one Vid per user can appear on the Explore list within any 24-hour timeframe.

Your Impact Bonus score is a rating, generated every day, that affects both your influence on the platform and the number of Vibes you are rewarded on days in which you are active. The higher your score, the higher your rewards.

The Impact Bonus score is comprised of two parts-- your Activity Score and your Invite Score.

A number of variables contribute to your Impact Bonus score. These include your Invite score – a function of your number of invites, and your Activity score.

Your Activity Score is a function of:

  • How many days in a row you’ve used the app (Consistency)
  • How often you view other people’s videos (Viewing)
  • How often you create videos (Creating)
  • How often people view your videos (Reach)
  • Your view-to-follower ratio (Engagement)

Your Impact Bonus score is based on your contribution to the Vybit platform relative to other users. Increase any of these metrics and your impact score will go up:

  • Reach – the number of unique views across all your public videos as well as your number of followers
  • Consistency – the number of consecutive days you have been active on the app
  • Viewing - the number of videos you have watched, other than your own
  • Creating – the number of videos you have created
  • Engagement - the number of unique views across all your public videos divided by your number of followers
  • Invite Score - the number of users you have invited to use the Vybit app
  • The single biggest reason an Impact score falls is when users forget to use the app for a day. This drops your Consistency score, a key metric when others have a high score. Don’t worry – use the app some more, and watch your score climb right back up!

    Your Impact Bonus score and the elements within are not a running total. Instead they are relative scores. Each element is based on other Vybit user’s activities. For example, a Viewing score of 3 doesn’t mean you’ve watched three videos. Instead, it means that on a daily basis, you are viewing more videos than those with Viewing scores of 2, and you are viewing fewer videos than those with scores of 5. That example applies to each element of your Impact Bonus score and to your total Impact Bonus score overall.

    Check out the Vybit Whitepaper. It has more information about how Vybit calculates scores as well as detailed information regarding the Vybit project as a whole.

    Use Vybit at least once every 24 hours and you will receive Vibes. The countdown timer lets you know how much time you have before those hours are up. Think of it as a gentle reminder.

    No, anyone can join Vybit. However, IF you use a referral code when signing up, the inviter and invitee (you) will receive 500 Vibes each.

    From your Journal page within the app, click the “Invite” button. For each video that you upload and make public, you will receive a new invite code, up to a maximum of 10. Invite codes may take up to 24 hours to appear. For each new member who uses one of your invite codes, you will receive 500 Vibes on the house.

    Yes! Every video can now feature up to five optional hashtags.

    We are releasing hashtags for use based on popularity. On the Vybit platform, the “ownership” of these hashtags are NFTs known as #Tags. See the NFT #Tag section for more info.

    Yes. This is what makes makes Vybit hashtags special. Whenever a #Tag is released, users can purchase the rights to the corresponding hashtag in OpenSea auctions. This ownership is represented by an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

    All Vybit users can still use hashtags in their videos, but the first search result for any hashtag will always show the corresponding #Tag owner’s latest video.

    Furthermore, each #Tag owner also receives 1% of Vibes given to any video that uses the corresponding hashtag. Don’t worry, the Vibes come out of Vybit’s portion, not the recipient’s!

    Through ownership of #Tag NFTs and the benefits attached, opportunities for business promotion, self-promotion, etc are endless.

    You can the claim the #Tag you purchased by clicking “Log in” and going to your Profile. It will be there.